High Trending Make-up Movies💜Simple Make-up 2021 | Half 148 | 2021年の美しいメイクト
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26 thoughts on “High Trending Make-up Movies💜Simple Make-up 2021 | Half 148 | 2021年の美しいメイクト

  1. Mochi kim says:

    Me: watching some people getting their pimples pop or whatever i don't give a crap-
    also me: w h a- CLOSE YOUR EYES shut your mouth dream-a-dream and get us out, dream dream dream dream dream, no i wont dream about this i'll have NIGHTMARES about this : D

  2. Fried Egg says:

    I hate how people have to wear makeup these days or be judged. I have a mole on my leg that I was born with. I have lived my whole life and been ashamed of it. I mean, come on, people! Have some common sense and don’t judge others. All that comes out of it is the victim ends up not wanting to live anymore and they end up killing themselves. Of course, if you’d rather be a murderer, keep bullying and judging.

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