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On this video, I share with you my new Rhaphidophora Hayi from the Costa Farms Trending Tropicals Assortment. I will talk about care and mounting of this uncommon / arduous to search out shingling home plant. Get pleasure from!
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My Propagation Station:
Warmth Mat:

Elechomes Humidifier:
Mars Hydro Develop Mild:
14X24 Wire Rack:
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Sphagnum Moss
Skinny Moss Sticks
Miracle Gro Fertilizer
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Warmth Mat:

Lazy Susan
Mini Backyard Instruments.
White 7″ self watering pots
For Fungus Gnats & Different Pests:
Vermis Terra Worm Castings:
Coconut Coir Mounting Poles:
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Bonide Systemic I exploit on all of my indoor and out of doors vegetation

Pot Rings:
Develop Lights:


23 thoughts on “Costa Farms RHAPHIDOPHORA HAYI Trending Tropicals Care Mounting How To Shingling Uncommon Home Plant

  1. katherine randolph says:

    I love this video. I have one that I bought back in January (I think…its been awhile) and it had outgrown the board so much, I look at it everyday and im like I need to figure this out. I am so glad I can across this video; the moss pole idea down the middle is genius. I'll be fixing mine tomorrow.👍🏾

  2. HPE Teacher says:

    Hi Peggy! How are you?
    Gorgeous plant!
    I just went to Lowe's and they just got in 8 Hayis. I bought the biggest and tallest. Both plants are past the top of the board.
    How do you water yours? Top/bottom? What number on the moisture meter? How much water?
    Thanks Peggy. My first shingeling plant.

  3. PlantĒne Charlene says:

    This is why whenever I go to FL I know that I am going to get some options that I cannot find in the other states that I visit, specifically up north where I live. I will be in your state soon and one of the things that I plan on doing is going to local nurseries, big box stores, and the super markets to see what I am bringing back home. I will have Ernest inspect the soil for any lizard eggs since my experience with Gabriella Plants that come from FL. By the way, they have an actual storefront now. Definitely going to visit to see what I can find. Thanks for sharing.

  4. klcpca says:

    Wow!!! Just looked on line… my local Walmart has these for $42.99…. the exact same thing!!!! Just north of Pittsburgh, PA… unbelievable the way plant prices have skyrocketed…. :O

  5. Elmer Baez says:

    I have been seeing this plant everywhere. I loved your video sharing info about this plant. I really learned a lot about this plant because of this video. It was so well conducted…Thank you for sharing. I believe this shingle plant is going to take off. I saw a cheap one online…I'm going to buy it!!! Thank you!!! My Pastazanum is still doing well.

  6. Sabrina Boulich says:

    I completely changed the soil because a week later there were mushrooms 🍄 and the plants were in little bags si i carefully removed those and downsized the pot because they didnt have alot of roots!

  7. Judy McKerrow says:

    Isn’t she beautiful, I was luck to find one when visiting my daughter in Va. this past week💚🙃 Mines not quite as tall, so I don’t have to worry about it for awhile 💚🙃

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