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Hey everybody! I hope you just like the video! Remark some extra video concepts you need me to movie!




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Q: How previous are you?
A: Im 22

Q: How tall are you?
A: Im 55

Q: The place are you from?
A: Im from California

Q: What’s your ethnicity?
A: Im 75% Vietnamese & 25% French

Q: What digicam do you utilize?
A: Sony A5000

Q: What modifying software program do you utilize?
A: I exploit iMovie (on my telephone)

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44 thoughts on “HUGE $1000 SHEIN TRY-ON HAUL (40+ objects) | Inexpensive & Fashionable 2021 garments

  1. Kewagahta says:

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  2. anna says:

    i know you probably get these comments a lot and i don't mean this in a hateful way at all, but i honestly think doing these massive hauls constantly is so wasteful. you're buying way more than you could ever possibly wear, just for the sake of doing massive hauls, and selling a lot of the items because you don't even like them or they don't fit. this is really excessive consumerism and encourages people to buy loads of "trendy" poor quality clothes they don't need and wont wear a few months down the line.

    this is so bad for the environment, even if you are reselling these clothes instead of sending them to landfill, the amount of carbon and pollution released in manufacturing these clothes in the first place is astronomical. i really wish you will be more thoughtful and make better, more sustainable choices in the future. i understand social media is your job and you need to make money somehow but you could easily film other content like thrift hauls and vlogs. i know most people who will watch these videos are young, but i encourage anybody who reads this to think more deliberately about the wider impact their shopping habits are having.

  3. Sade Biggs says:

    I love your videos and I like that you pick out Jeans that are different in style. I also love that you incorporate colourful cloths. keep up doing these great videos. lots of love and stay safe.

  4. Sara Deux says:

    I am obsessed with shein recently as I ordered from them first time, and I was shocked because the quality was not bad for the price, because its so cheap. I enjoyed your haul 綽 thank you for sharing.

  5. e m m a says:

    Do you ever thought of buying less and more sustainable and ethical made? Like… your CO2 balance (is that the right word? Idk Im not a native speaker) must be sooo bad

  6. Putu Radha says:

    Hi I'm so sorry for asking this but do you celebrate Christmas or Chinese New Year? And what is your religion? I'm so sorry for asking this question I'm so sorry

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