howdy candy buddies ๐Ÿ’—

this is a fast little video I made from informal outfits for smooth dramatics

based mostly on a viewer request

let me know what you suppose!

I am not a smooth dramatic so possibly my suggestions should not excellent

I really like to listen to from you ๐Ÿ’‹


25 thoughts on “Informal, fashionable, youthful Delicate Dramatic types: is it doable?

  1. Xana K. says:

    Very interesting!!! I feel I'm a soft dramatic but I live in skinny jeans. And I've been wondering what else I can try and this is fantastic! I never thought wide leg would even look nice, gonna give it a go!!

    I don't feel like I've got a narrow frame though, I feel like I've got a big frame. Maybe that's because I am very tall and by default am generally big compared to other women? But I do know that natural outfits do not suit me at all.

  2. NerdyByNature says:

    Thank you for this!!! ๐Ÿ’œ You look so glam and gorgeous in this video ๐Ÿ˜˜ I'm excited to try slip skirts and dresses, and I think I'm going to attempt some wide leg flowy pants as well, if I can find the proper cut and fabric. I feel like jumpsuits/rompers and midi to maxi dresses are always a safe bet on me (a reluctant Diva), and they're definitely summer staples.
    ETA: I noticed the knotted headband on one of the models, those are a new go-to for me when I don't feel like "styling" my hair and getting all done up. A knotted headband, some big earrings, and an optional scarf can make any outfit look more Diva Chic!

  3. Vivi L says:

    I'm a likely SN who so wishes she was an SD! Lol I definitely go against my lines on purpose i.e. mock neck/turtleneck tops, tighter fitting stuff etc.

  4. Beauty As Being says:

    That was great! SD here. Fab selections. Im all about the jumpsuits. Picked up some nice ideas also. Extra note for SDs: at least here, there are many platform sandals around at the moment, which I think are really great if you want a casual and comfortable shoe without a heel, but still carries visual weight and gives a slight sense of elevation.

    Thanks again, Rita! <3

  5. Jesse James says:

    I was on the FN/SD fence for a long time. Lately, I'm increasingly sure that I'm a SD. After the pandemic, I'm seriously considering seeing David in NY to nail things down.

    That aside, I wear outfits like the one you feature at 16:20 and the far left at 9:27 all the time, and curve-accommodating midi dresses are my best looks ever.

    Something that throws me off is that I really dislike spaghetti straps but shells are gorgeous. I feel like I'm neither narrow nor broad, but I have vertical (6 feet!) and curve shapes, especially in my hips. So, some super narrow things like spaghetti straps make me feel too busty and broad for SD, but I also don't have the strong frame for certain FN looks. The journey continues!

    Love your content as always, Rita!

  6. Tom Jones says:

    Watching with my SD friend ๐Ÿ™‚ She lives in those long narrow skirts and floral dresses, wide leg pants you showed and she also does the clingy cap sleeve top under dresses. Your dress is fascinating its like a wildflower meadow soft lit by moonlight. The hair is getting there I'm seeing your whole color story come together.

  7. Kathleen Meadows says:

    I think your point that SDs can ramp up their look with accessories is so true and ironically I just started carrying small smart purses! Your main point that SDs need to keep in mind that the more they avoid colour blocking the better – matching tops to bottoms as much as possible in colour is best. For example, if you're wearing blue jeans wear the same colour blue top or black flowy pants with black top. That's not a difficult goal to keep in mind when dressing as an SD ๐Ÿ™‚ I also think that ideal shape for an SD (or most of the body types for that matter) is the famous "wrap" dress or top, a twist front, ruching down the sides etc. The longer you work with your shape as an SD the easier it gets to really SEE what you look like – the long vertical line with "circles" at mid top and mid bottom ๐Ÿ™‚ I would also add as a general rule to avoid tents (dresses that go out from the breast into an A line), gathering especially at the waist like the baby-doll dress EEK the VERY worst look for an SD alongside peter pan collars :)) There are 2 SDs (Australians) I follow on youtube that I adore and have found super helpful for guidance: Nes and the Chic Chanteuse

  8. E Dennis says:

    Doesn't anyone use Pinterest anymore? Pinterest is FULL of gorgeous casual outfit ideas for SD, not to mention outfits for business, social engagements like weddings, etc. You can't limit yourself to the small number of photos in fashion magazines! There's a whole world of options out there! I have several Pinterest folders full of SD clothing ideas.

  9. empress says:

    great work as always rita!! lots of these tips work for me as a dramatic classic too ๐Ÿฅฐ (narrow frame, vertical, keeping it simple, adding bits of interest)

  10. Sigrid J says:

    I think for SDs the trick when going outside your recommendations with cuts/ lengths is to go lower contrast. I wear a lot of cropped tops and little shorts as I live in Australia (a warm climate) but they are really crucially in my native colours and always harmonious with one another. That doesnโ€™t disrupt any vertical imo.

    This may be controversial in the kibbe sphere but Rihanna wears a lot of outfits that are SD friendly, with a prominent vertical and curve accomodating. Girls should look to her for ideas tbh.

    Love this video Rita (and have always enjoyed your analysis on all things Kibbe, thank you for sharing your journey) and had to laugh- as an SD I think my friends would totally say I dress as a fancy bitch too.

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