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20 thoughts on “WTF?! High Trending Devil (No RESTRICTIONS)

  1. nunya business says:

    If you can't see by this video, those shoes, and OVER 1 MILLION likes of it, that we are NOT IN THE END TIMES and this is part of the BEAST SYSTEM then go put your head back in the sand.

  2. Steveski says:

    I believe the reason for this is to demoralize add desensitize our society. To make the abnormal seem normal. Never let the truth be known because as we all know it is the enemy of their lie

  3. JohnNiemsMusic says:

    Everything. about this COVID 19 is against anything HEALTHY! We don't need a MASK – SEPARATION or VACCINES! We the PEOPLE need to end this HOAX! That's the only way it ends! Great video Brian! Everything about this is SATANIC and the music BIZZ has always been that!

  4. pk Osb says:

    Well, if anyone was questioning whether that guy should be in office or have a power position, you got your answer!!!
    Sounds like he should be behind bars!
    Why is mental illness getting celebrated???
    The gov't/system is the enemy!!! Every part of their evil trinity is overdue for destruction IMO.
    DC, monarchy and the vatican.
    I think if you want to know the truth you'll find it.
    Enemies are within!!!
    Solution? Stop complying!!!
    As long as most comply, they're happy with it. They have the police, national guard, military along with special forces.
    What do we have? NOTHING!!!
    The "metal protectors " shouldn't be an issue.
    It's totally ignored!
    Signing "laws " has never made sense to me. Common sense tells me just because you drove into another state, you don't turn into a "bad person ".
    WOW! The tyranny we live under and put up with is insane. They constantly take, the "giving " they claim to be so good at is b.s.. All politicians lie, must be in the job description.
    They're never held accountable!
    We need a miracle IMO.
    Didn't intend to make this so long.
    Thank you Brian! You're a great source to get news. You see through it and call it out. Can't be an easy job! With the censoring and critics, trolls and bots!
    You watch the MSM so I don't have to!!!
    Thank you Brian!
    None of it has been in vein. You've woke up many. I never knew how bad it really was, I thought it was just a handful of bad guys. NO!!! The system itself IS the bad guy! Time for them to go.
    Peace to ALL 🕊

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