On this video I am going to present you tips on how to make polymer clay earrings with out clay cutter and simply through the use of home items.

Instruments & Supplies
* Polymer clay
* Exacto knife
* Clay curler
* Clay cutter (utilizing home items)
* Standard Oven (for baking the clay)
* Soar Ring
* Earring Put up
* Pliers
* Tremendous Glue

Video is accessible in HD

Music from Youtube Library: Delicate Feeling and Sunday Rain by Cheel


27 thoughts on “5 Simple DIY Earring | DIY Earrings utilizing Family Objects | Polymer Clay | Stylish Assertion Earring

  1. N S says:

    Hii.. can you please tell me for how much time and at what temperature did you bake them?..btw totally loved your work..please keep posting such videos ❤️

  2. Joëlle Truyen says:

    Anyone have an idea on how to soften the edges of the small circles? It always has a sharp edge when I cut a shape, and when I try to fix that with my fingers, I ruin the round shape.

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